Call Center and CRM Solution

Instead of always starting to greet customers with the familiar question: “Shop ABC: hello, may i know your name?” Think about changing: “Shop ABC: hello Huong, how may i help you”, And even with a glance, you know they have contacted you before for what issue.

Nowadays, the demand for a total solution including Call Center integrated with CRM software has become popular. The close integration between the voice system and data management software helps to improve customer interaction, organize information in a personalized model, help you get an overview of your customers in the shortest time.

If a customer has contacted you once, later – even after 10 years, when they contact you again, the Call Center CRM system will automatically identify and display all the necessary information of the customer. Therefore, you will have the most complete information for consulting work.


The DigiTel Call Center CRM solution makes a difference by optimizing the interaction between the two modules IP Call Center and CRM, each module is a specialized system:

IP Call Center module

built on VoIP technology, with the most advanced functions of a specialized IP switching switchboard.

Integrated CRM module

enhancing customer interaction as well as data organization makes it easier to analyze business needs and evaluate performance.


  • Fully support the specialized functions of DigiTel IP-PBX
  • Manage and personalize information according to each customer
  • Manage and decentralize data access by multiple user levels
  • Manage document information management, scripting

  • Automatically identify and display customer information when a call comes in
  • Make a call by “click to call” directly from CRM
  • Manage and evaluate by campaign
  • Store and organize call history, recording, chat, consulting content … according to each specific customer.

  • Integrating chat, voice broadcast, email marketing, SMS, survey
  • Support customer care tools via Webcall website
  • Business reports, KPI assessment reports, customer status assessment reports, consulting history, operating processes …

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